Dead Awake – Submissions

29 thoughts on “Dead Awake – Submissions”

  1. I have a story which I think would fit, but is is just shy of 1900 words. I feel that if I pad it out more to hit the 2k count it will distract from the tension. Should I still bother to submit? Thank you.


  2. I have a psychological horror story that might fit except that a character has a vision of a rape and child murder (of non-characters). The story is by no means a shock value story; the brutality is there to drive home a message about life. Are the “I’m not looking for” things strict, or would you potentially allow them, given the right context and enough psychic distance?


  3. I’ve been thinking about submitting a story I’ve written but it’s slightly below 9k words. Do I need to say anything during the submission about this (don’t want it to get tossed for not following guidelines!)? Also, will we have the rights to enter our stories elsewhere should they be accepted? Thanks!


    1. Hi Glen, sorry I missed your questions. Yes, please mention the word count but remember, stories over 6k need to be exceptional for us to accept them. As far as rights are concerned, they will revert back to the author over a period of time.


    1. Hi Zahra, I don’t have a definitive date set for that yet, as the deadline hasn’t quite come to pass. We will be sending out acceptance/rejection letters as soon as we get all the stories read and make our decisions.


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